Asked what can Siri do can be done with just talking on your iPhone. Siri also understands what you say, and know what you mean, even talk back to remind you of something that you scheduled earlier. Talking to Siri as you would talk to someone in real, even though you are talking on your iPhone. Here I can tell what can Siri do :1. Games Result

In iOS 6, Apple also taught Siri to be able to know the results of sports events. The sports leagues that are supported by Siri in iOS 6 include English Premier League (EPL), La Liga, Serie A, Premier League 1, NBA, NCAA Football, NFL and NHL. You can ask Siri to do this,

  • Show me the league table of English Premier League!
  • Show me the statistic of Liverpool’s last match!
  • Who’s win the match last night? Bayern Munchen or Liverpool?

2. Movies Schedules

What can Siri do also to tell you about movies schedule, you also can ask her helo to find what is the popular movies :

  • What’s showing now on the theater?
  • Find movies with Tom Cruise as actor!
  • Is ‘The Mission Impossible’ a great movie?

3. Update Facebook Status

By using voice dictation, you can send tweets to Twitter or status updates to Facebook directly with Siri. Before tweet or status you were sent, Siri will reconfirm whether the sentence is to be sent right or wrong. If wrong, you can correct it. If so, you could ask her to send a tweet or status.
Examples of commands you can say :

  • Tweet Hello everyone! to Twitter!
  • Post Morning everyone! to Facebook!

4. Find restaurants or  cafe
When you want to eat or hang out in the cafe but did not know where it is, you can ask Siri to help find.
Simple to say, ‘Where’s the nearest cafe / restaurant here?’ Or ‘Where’s the nearest Starbucks?’, Siri will find the location nearest you mean. Examples of commands you can say :

  • Find the nearest cafe here!
  • Find the nearest Starbucks here!

5. Application Launched
What can Siri do also help you to launch certain applications already installed on your iOS device. Simply by saying ‘Launch’ followed by the name of the application, then Siri will launch it. To use this feature, simply use the command ‘Launch (followed by the name of the app.’ Example: ‘Launch B612 Camera.’ This feature is useful for you who are too lazy or difficult to launch applications with a fingers.
Beside this features, Apple had built various abilities on Siri in iOS 5 running on the iPhone 4S. Such capabilities include a request for a call or send a message to someone, asking climate/forecast conditions in your area, set an alarm. Examples of commands you can say :

  • Call Mommy!
  • Send my daddy a message!
  • Set alarm for 8 am tomorrow!
  • Remind me to call my sister tomorrow at 7 pm!

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