Use Siri App to Enhance Your Spiritual Life

Siri is an essential assistant on the iPhone, valuable for setting arrangements, sending emails, messages, and making updates. But, why not purify Siri to help in your spiritual life? How about we set Siri to function in our spiritual lives, shall we?

Here are things to do with Siri that can advantage your spiritual life.

Siri doing good when you require your hands for different things (like driving). When inside the car, Siri dependably gets a workout. With a cheap, after-market Bluetooth that permits to activate Siri with the push of a button and the sound plays through speakers. It’s as safe as turning on the radio.. Entirely sweet.

What can i ask Siri
Okay, here are seven things to do with Siri :

1. Manage your “stress” list while praying. I call a “stress list” that vital stuff that dependably comes to mind when you’re attempting to pray. During prayer, they get to be mental sandbags that measure you down and divert your focus. Tell Siri: “Remind me to get milk” and you’re back to prayer.
2. 5 minutes praying for one person. Tell Siri: “Set the clock for 5 minutes,” and all of a sudden you have an focused window of prayer time with a hard stop.
3. Add a prayer request on prayer list. Obviously, you have a prayer list. If you don’t have, you set one up by open the reminders application and making a new list called, “Prayer List.” When a thought to pray for the loved ones comes to your mind, just tell Siri: “Add to my prayer list ; pray for Jessica to get a good home.”
4. Use a location to make you remember of important information. Might be you want to remember to ask Andrew next month about his prayer request. As you can tell Siri: “Remind me at this location to ask about Andrew’s father’s surgery.”
5. Read the Bible with your ears. Purchase the Bible on MP3. Then ask Siri, as such, “Play Isaiah 10.” Make certain the track name is “Isaiah 10.”
6. Combine double commands on Sunday. Whenever you arrive at church, tell Siri: “Remind me next time I’m at this area to turn on Do Not Disturb notification.” Then when prompted, tell Siri: “Turn on Do Not Disturb.” That will alerts and silence calls, and notifications that you get meanwhile your iPhone is locked.
7. Let someone notice that you are praying for him. To the point you can tell Siri: “Tell Kim, ‘I’m praying for you today.’

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