Apple’s iPhone 4S was not the iPhone 5 that everyone needed, except it was still stuffed with loads of cool upgrades and new features. The greatest being Siri, a speech recognition personal assistant that is not an application, but rather a genuine PC program built into the phone. Both has speech input and output, which means you can address it, and it can talk back to you.

funny things to ask Siri
“Your desire is its command,” Apple says, marketing it as the new iPhone’s No. 1 new feature. Given her female mechanical voice, Siri has turned into a she and as you can envision, users are presently trying the limits of this voice-activated personal assistant and asking it the most obscure and craziest orders ever! The outcomes are a portion of the most funny Siri answers ever! Here are only a couple of funny things to say Siri musters up as answers.

Funniest Things To Ask Siri

• Do you want to pay game?

• Can you give me some money?

• Are you using any Smartphone?

• Remind me to kill myself tomorrow

• Who is your mother?

• Do you have any brother or sister?

• I am smarter then you

• Open the pod by doors

• Do you know Larry page?

• How many roads must a man walk down?

Funny Stuff To Ask Siri

• Take mo to your leader

• Beam me up Scotty

• Hey Siri how can I pass my math class

• Have you been sleeping with another I phone?

• Do you love me?

• Do you know mark zuckerberg?

• Do you have WhatsApp number?

• Do you have any Facebook account?

• Do you have plans tonight?

• Do you think you are smarter than me?

Funny Things To Tell Siri

• Why is your name Siri?

• Have you been sleeping with another iPhone?

• Do you have a last name?

• What is the sound of one hand clapping?

• Are you a righty or lefty?

• Why don’t you have hands?

• Will you scratch my back?

• Are you going to call me the next day?

• You are pretty dumb for a smart phone!

• I heard you are dating a kindle!

Fun Things To Say To Siri

• Are you dating someone?

• Do you look good in black?

• Tell me a story.

• Will you marry me?

• They stack poo higher than you!

• Are you lazy?

• Are you crazy?

• Do you have any boyfriend?

• You look like me.

• Pass the salt please?

Funny Things To Say To Siri

• Make me a sandwich

• Make a cup of tea for me

• Hey Siri what do you like to eat?

• Does Santa exist?

• Can you laugh like me?

• When is the world ending?

• Do you know when aliens will come to earth?

• Where do you live? When is your birthday?

• Do you feel mad?

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