We’ve become used to having Siri available to our no matter what, satisfying most of our modest assignments and answering our questions, regardless of how crazy. However, would you say you are getting the most out of Apple’s virtual assistant?
Here are 10 tips and tricks what can I ask Siri with the smarty agent who lives inside your iPhone.

1. Remind me later
Siri understands context just bring up the virtual assistant and tell Siri to remind you about something at a later time or date, Siri will add them to your reminders list.

2. Learn to pronounce names
Does Siri sometimes get your name wrong? just tell Siri “learn to pronounce Kim Kardashian’s name” and Siri will ask you to say first and last names.

3. Run a Spellcheck
Failed on spelling “vicentious” couldn’t remember if it was a “c,” an “s” or a “t” in there. Sure, auto correct and spellcheck are good, Siri even more useful.

4. Convert on the Fly
When you traveling abroad and wonder just how much that kit-kat you bought would cost in dollars, with Siri you can do currency conversions pretty easily.

5. Find Photos
Siri will fire up the photos app and provide you just the photos that match your demand. Siri can even identify videos and selfies too.

6. Establish Relationships
Siri can be even more helpful when it knows more about you and the people in your life. Just trigger Siri and say “Alex is my brother” or “Diana is my sister.” Next time you ask Siri to send a message to your sister or brother, Siri will know exactly who you mean.

7. Identify that Song
Siri, however, loves a good game of name that song, just ask Siri who plays or sings this song and hold your device up to the speaker.

8. Interact with Settings
Finding things in iOS’s Settings app can be hard, even with iOS 9 newly added search functionality. Luckily, Siri able to find for items buried in Settings, and even turn some of them on or off.

9. Correct a Misheard Query
Tap on the query that Siri heard and you will be able to use the keyboard to correct any mistakes and reissue the request.

10. Pick a card and Flip a Coin
Sometimes you just need to introduce an element of randomness into your life. Siri can help! Tell Siri to pick a card, flip a coin, and Siri will give you a random result.

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