Formerly Siri was available for all iPhones, yet now the application exclusively is only on iPhone 4S. This virtual personal assistant is a main selling point for Apple’s latest smartphone. However, users have no idea about Siri’s capabilities.

However, Siri is just available on iOS devices, left Android users exposed to the harsh elements. The good news is that there are various competing applications that offer comparable features and also a couple cool extras, for example, adjustable avatars and flight data.

Here are 10 useful funny things to ask Siri :

1. Night out with Siri

A night out with friends can be made a lot easier with Siri. You can ask Siri, “Any comfy cafe in the area?” Siri will offer you a list of the closest cafe. Also you can ask Siri, “How’s the traffic?” and Siri will direct you to Google Maps Traffic. When you need a taxi be frank with Siri and tell her, “I have had too much to drink.” She will recommend calling a taxi using your location.

2. Establish relationship

To inform Siri of the important people in your life, tell Siri, “[name] is my [relation].” Siri will ask you to confirm and will apply it to your contacts. The individual must be an existing contact for this to work.

3. Update status

Siri will help you to update status on Facebook or Twitter easily, all just by your command.

4. Remind me here

To activate location in a reminder, simply say, “Remind me [reminder] [at location].” The location you use can be general. For example, if you have an address attached to your contact, you can say, “Remind me when I get home.”

5. Find your friends

You can follow up with the command: “Take me to [friend’s name].” You will then be sent to Google Maps for directions.

6. Wake up with siri

Set an alarm, “Wake me up at 8 am. You can change, delete and turn off alarms with a command. You ask Siri command: “Delete all alarms.” Siri will confirm before doing so.

7. Siri day planner

Siri able to arrange your meeting wheater its about to start or cancel meeting.

8. Siri in the kitchen

To make a grocery list, make a note by saying, “Remember the milk [reminder].”

9. Enjoy music with Siri

These commands work best when you’re doing something active, such as running or exercising. To play a song, tell Siri, “Play [song].”

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