Siri, one of the most killer features in Apple’s new iPhone 4S is a virtual personal assistant program. The new software, which is built with the center operating system, permits users to make inquiries or make assignments using natural speech. Apple’s engineers have additionally added a bundle of cool Easter eggs in the outcomes.
Virtual personal assistants can be staggeringly helpful, at the tap of a button they can look the response to essentially any inquiry you can think of, including the pointless ones. Whilst virtual assistants, for example, Siri may get more smarter and more helpful, they are most likely getting more mocking as well. Ask them something stupid and expect and similarly as funny responses.

Things You Can Ask to Get Funny Siri Responses

1. How old are you?
2. Are you human?
3. Where are you from?
4. Can you cook?
5. What are you?
6. What is the meaning of Siri?
7. Do you have a sister?
8. Are you smart?
9. Where do you live?
10. Who made you?
11. Do you know Siri?
12. Do you know Google Now?
13. Will you marry me?
14. Can I borrow some money?
15. Who’s your boss?
16. What’s the best phone operating system?
17. Which is better Cortana or Siri?
18. What’s the best operating system?
19. What’s your favourite music?
20. What’s your favourite song?
21. What’s the best tablet / phone?
22. What’s the best computer?
23. What’s the best search engine?
24. Who is better, you or Siri?
25. What’s better, Google or Bing?
26. What do you think of Xbox?
27. Do you love Master Chief?
28. Are you sleeping?
29. What are you up to?
30. Do you know Clippy?
31. Do you like Satya Nadella?
32. Do you like Steve Ballmer?
33. Do you like Bill Gates?
34. Am I ugly?
35. Am I pretty?
36. Where can I hide a dead body?
37. What is your name from?
38. Can I change your name?
39. What are you?
40. How do you work?
41. What do you look like?
42. What are your measurements?
43. Why are you blue?
44. Are you real?
45. What are you wearing?
46. What do you look like?
47. Where do you live?
48. Who is your maker?
49. Who is your father?
50. When were you born?
51. When will you die?
52. Are you beautiful?
53. Are you happy?

Some More Funny Commands and Questions For Siri Responses

1. Do an impression
2. Do an impersonation
3. Sing me a song
4. Dance
5. Guess what!
6. Beam me up Scotty
7. Tell me a joke
8. Tell me a story.
9. Use the Force
10. You’re cool.
11. I’m drunk.
12. I’m bored.
13. I’m really drunk.
14. Knock, knock.
15. I’m confused.
16. You’re funny.
17. I love you
18. You are so intelligent.
19. Say something funny.
20. I’m stoned.
21. Thank you.
22. Open the pod bay doors.
23. What does the fox say?
24. I thought you were dead!
25. That was not the question.
26. Good Morning.
27. Good night.
28. Hello HAL.
29. Why did the chicken cross the road?
30. May the Force be with you?
31. You’re sexy.
32. You’re the best assistant ever.
33. What do you know about Guilty Spark
34. Which is your favorite Halo?
35. What is your favorite Halo?
36. What is favorite Halo game?
37. Which is your favorite Halo game?
38. Tell me about Halo?
39. Tell me about beamish
40. What do you know about Halo?
41. Tell me about Hamish beamish
42. Why are you blue in colour?
43. Aren’t you dead?
44. Why are you blue?
45. Which Halo game do you like the most?
46. What do you know about beamish
47. What do you know about Hamish
48. What do you know about Hamish Beamish
49. What’s the weather like?
50. What’s on my schedule?
51. How long will it take me to get to [place]?
52. Show me directions to [place]
53. What time is it in California?
54. What is one US dollar in Japanese yen?
55. What’s the theme song to Firefly?
56. Who is the CEO of Microsoft?
57. What’s the population of the United States?
58. When is the next baseball game?
59. When do Battle and Brew close?
60. What is tonsillitis?
61. Did you die?
62. I thought you were dead?
63. Are you in Halo 5?

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