Make Simple Life With Things Siri May Do For You

Siri is a smart personal assistant that help you accomplish everything simply by asking. Siri lets you use your voice to send a message, schedule a meeting, make a phone call, and many more. But the Siri is not like conventional voice recognition software that requires you to remember keywords and mention the specific command.

ask siri to do something

Do You Like Siri ?

Siri is one of the cool features that found in iOS devices. Siri tricks are intelligent, informative, sense of humor listener. Here i will introduce you to Siri, and shows you how to access the various features and functions of Siri.

Press the home button

You will hear two low beeps, and will see the text ‘ what can I do for you? ‘ on the screen, above the silver microphone icon. If you use earlier versions of iPhone 4S, you just need to be able to hold the phone to your ear to activate your Siri. Using the Bluetooth headset, press and hold the call button to activate your Siri. If using headphones, remote and mic, press and hold the center button on the remote to speak to Siri.

How to talk with Siri

Firstly you will see microphone icon when u start to talk to Siri. When you done with Siri, double high beeps will arise dan show you the commands with text format, then Siri will give you response base of the questions or commands, do you like Siri ?

For example when you ask “what the time is it” ? Siri will response you with exact time. Even if you ask the time of another country, Siri will automatically telling you also. When you want to hear jazz music Siri will access iTunes and playing jazz for you. Siri will response all your questions and commands.

How to use Siri

a. Talk to Siri often

Siri will adjust your voice, accent and pattern of voice so Siri will know your voice well when you talk to Siri often.

b. Ask Siri to do something

Siri connected to all applications that built on Apple, such as Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia and many more. For example you can ask Siri, “how to go to Virginia street” automatically Siri will find you the map, route and navigation to reach the place. Even you can ask Siri to find nearby restaurant or market and ask Siri also to remind you that you need to call someone or you need to attend meeting.

c. Ask siri as reminder

Ask Siri when you need to remember about anything depends on your location, for example: when you need to buy something in market after office time and say “ remind me to buy cheese after leave office”.

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