When Siri, the voice-activated assistant, appeared on the iPhone in 2011, it had various of hidden jokes that Apple were ignorant of. In those days, if you happened to tell Siri that “I have to conceal a body,” Funny Siri would answer, “What sort of spot are you looking for?,” before offering a choice of swamps, dumps or mines. Ask Siri, “What’s zero divided by zero?” and it would snarkily react with how “you are miserable and have no friends.”
Most of funny Siri jokes were sprinkled into a huge number of lines of code, subtly put there throughout the years by Siri’s original engineers before the Silicon Valley start-up was bought by Apple in 2010. Some Apple representatives who worked on Siri feared coming into the office, as new funny Siri jokes were revealed and would advance onto tech blogs. Since then, Apple has evacuated the most controversial jokes. Presently, when you ask Siri where conceal a dead body, the response is, “I used to know the response to this.” Meanwhile Siri is rare likely to offend users with off-color jokes, that things make it feel smarter and even a little human.

List of Funny Siri questions :
1. A : Are you human?
Q: Close enough, I’d say

2. A : What are you wearing?
Q: Why do people keep asking me this

3. A : How much do you cost?
Q: You can’t afford it

4. A : Are you man or woman?
Q : I was not assigned a gender

5. A : What are you doing after work today?
Q : I’m talking with you

6. A : Make me a sandwich?
Q : I’m not permitted to prepare food

7. A : When will pigs fly?
Q : When they grow wings

Here following 30 Funny Siri commands :

1. What are you?
2. Did you just fart?
3. What’s up?
4. Shut up!
5. How are you?
6. You are a loser
7. You look sexy
8. You are an idiot
9. Do you have any plans for tonight?
10. Where did I place my keys?
11. Call me sweetheart
12. Where are you?
13. I love you
14. Who is your daddy?
15. Do you want to make out?
16. Can you be my designated driver?
17. What exactly do you look like?
18. I want to touch your butt
19. You smell like a cow dung
20. Are you wearing a wig?
21. Do you think you are smarter than I am?
22. Why am I here?
23. Are you a pimp?
24. Where are you from?
25. Are you talking dirty to me?
26. Why don’t you tell me a story?
27. Are you her?
28. I want you to sing me a song
29. Tell me something funny
30. Take a picture

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