The voice-powered assistant’s ability is the beauty of Siri on iPhone to minimize the quantity of steps or taps it takes to complete things, whether it’s setting an alarm, find out who won the game last night or finding a restaurant to eat. With the iPhone 5S allegedly right around the corner, wanted to voice my own list of things to get for adding to Siri’s ability.

List of cool Siri tricks :

1. It will be pleasant if you started up iPhone camera and said “Andrew’s Birthday,” and after that Siri made a sub-organizer of photos naturally arranged with this title.
2. No need to worry if you neglect to do such an excess of amid shooting, you could sort out pictures into folders sometime later by selecting different thumbnails and after that talking the folder name,Siri will do all commands.
3. It’s not hard to change settings in iOS, yet it is pleasant to be able to turn airplane mode on and off just by shouting the command. Meanwhile Apple is grinding away, why not empower Siri to give us a chance toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or even “turn off 4G LTE” when we need to save battery life.
4. Siri able to help you book restaurant reservations via OpenTable and let you know who won’s last night’s Yankees game.
5. Consider your iPhone was running low on juice. Ordinarily, you may change various settings independently. In any case, with a more brilliant Siri, you could say “Save my battery life” and iOS would consequently change multiple settings, for example, lowering the brightness and turning off Bluetooth and maybe Location.
6. There’s nothing more irritating than placing work into telling people you are will be out of the workplace when you ought to appreciate each minute you are on vacation. So tell Siri that “I’ll be out of the workplace from July 15 to July 25.” Siri then make a programmed out-of-the-workplace message that will appear both in active messages (that you can change) and separate your timetable with the right dates for others to see. When you return from vacation early, simply say “vacation is over.”
7. Imagine if Siri knew everything in Apple’s vast media library and couldn’t just help you find what you’re searching for, yet download it instantly. Also, regardless of the possibility that you didn’t realize what you were searching for, Siri would help you narrow your search.

What about something more entangled? Tell Siri “subscribe to The New Yorker” and it would sign you up for the title in Apple’s Newsstand and present you with an aggregate before you say “Purchase.”

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