Siri app is the adorable intelligent virtual assistant has a lot of valuable tricks and a huge commands list up his/her sleeve, yet not all that matters Siri does must be useful. In case you’re searching for a funny questions, you can issue Siri a huge assortment of odd commands, and in turn get some hilarious if not just cheeky reactions back.


A complete list of Siri’s funny questions archives as user appear to find new humorous features consistently, however this is an entertaining assortment of almost one hundred silly statements and commands to make. Asking the same question twice or three times is often, in a row can get diverse and ever ceaselessly more absurd reactions back. No spoilers given on the answers, press down the Home button and have some fun to see what your answer will be.

Siri funny questions will really helps you in killing times, so you will not feel bored anymore, these funny questions should be in your mind every time. Siri has a great sense of humor. There are hundreds of funny questions to ask Siri.

Siri Funny Questions :
1. Tell me a joke
2. Knock knock
3. Who’s on first?
4. What does the fox say?
5. Why did the cat cross the road?

Siri should do everything a personal assistant would. However, what differs Siri from a conventional voice acknowledgment programming is its intelligence. You can ask Siri whatever you need and get a conceivable answer. Numerous people think that its interesting to ask Siri funny questions. Indeed, Siri has a decent sense of humor and its own perspectives on politics, affection, religion, and human relations. Here are some funny questions about Siri.

Random funny questions to ask Siri
1. What are you doing later?
2. Ha ha ha
3. What is the best laptop?
4. What does the fox say?
5. Do you want to play a cricket?
6. Do you love me?
7. Is it going to rain?
8. Remind me to kill myself tomorrow
9. Guess what?
10. Who is Sammy?
11. Which is the best tablet?
12. What do you think about Google
13. Why are fire trucks red?
14. What is the best phone?
15. What do you think of Android?
16. Blah blah blah
17. Will pigs fly?
18. OK glass
19. How do you spell Supegehijatsitickexpialadojus?
20. What do you think of underwear?
21. LOL
22. Repeat after me
23. Do you need boyfriend?
24. Is there a Santa Claus?

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