How Are You Siri – Excellent Voice Command

Siri is Apple’s latest advancement for iPhone that takes voice command to a point it has not already reached – the ability to comprehend the natural spoken word and translate it into important tasks, for example, meeting demands, calendar events, texts, emails, and much more. Right now only available on the iPhone 4S, Siri can finish pretty much any basic undertaking on the iPhone while the client is “hands free.”

How Siri responses you
Ready to talk to Siri? How are you Siri
Siri uses a few rings to tell you whether it’s listening to you. These audio prompts help you know Siri’s state. Higher rings begin a session, and lower ones cancel it. To hear this on the iPhone, enable Raise to Speak, raise your phone (turned on, obviously) to your ear, and after that place it back on a table.

Attempt the following to start a Siri session. Either raise the phone to your ear or press and hold the Home button. In the event that Siri is already shown, tap the Siri microphone button.
Say “Hello” and “How are you Siri“.
Siri uses pause button to know when you’ve quit talking. You now hear a second arrangement of chimes higher-pitched rings of affirmation, for this situation yet this time you hear them without moving the telephone far from your ear or tapping the microphone button.

Siri response you with “Hello” or “Hi,” maybe including your name. As you talk, Siri makes a looking over rundown of responses so you can review the conversation to date. Of course, Siri naturally looks up to the latest response, however to see what has as of now happened, pull down on the list.

Here following ways to start talk to Siri :
1. Press and hold the Home button for 1 – 2 sec
2. Press and hold the control button on a wired/wireless headset
3. Press the Siri Eyes free button ( car steering wheel )
4. Raising a phone to your ear ( speak enabled )
5. Tap Siri microphone button

Siri plays rings that show the condition of your interaction. By listening for these rings, you come to know how Siri is responding to you. Its higher-pitched listening ring tells you Siri ready to talk to you. To complete the process of talking, you can either pause or tap the microphone button. Siri plays a high pitched “done listening” ring. In the event that Siri does not hear any information, it stops listening and plays a lower-pitched “cancellation” ring.

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