Siri is not just a curiosity feature that will answer your dumb questions with iOS 8, nor is she a reference book to affirm any random fact that may pop into your head. She can really complete assignments and commands, in iOS 8 Apple has included a whole new slew of Siri features.

While some basically add usefulness to put Siri the same level as competing voice assistants Cortana and Google Now, there are likewise some new features particular to Apple’s recently revealed iOS 8 benefits that make Siri more helpful than before. In any case, there are additionally a couple of things I wish Siri could answer. The following are a few questions that Siri answer, and some regardless she battles with.

Siri can answer
1. ‘Hey Siri!’

It’s not precisely a question, but rather before you ask Siri anything, you ought to realize that the most recent update has integrated hands-free voice commands, like Google Now’s ‘OK Google’. On the off chance that you need to ask Siri something, simply say ‘Hey Siri’, and she’ll react to your command.

2. Siri, what song is playing

Siri’s integrated with Shazam, implying that you should simply ask her what song is playing to activate Shazam and get an ID for the song.

3. Siri, can you download SwiftKey

When you need to download an application, simply ask Siri, and she will search for the App Store for you.

4. Siri, can you turn on the lights

Apple’s HomeKit have been integrated with Siri to make controlling your home much less demanding, will activate by voice command, this is available in iOS 8.

5. Siri, how many calories have I burned today

With applications like Nike+ Running or FitBit, you can get a huge amount of data about your health details through Apple’s new service. Too bad, it would appear that she doesn’t have admittance to your most personal health data yet.

6. Siri, how do I look

Alright, this may be somewhat of a stretch, yet wouldn’t it be helpful if by asking Siri what you look like. Compliments never hurt, yet here and there it’d be decent to see with your own eyes.

It would appear that Siri is beginning to assume a more dynamic part in the iOS operating system. Integrating Siri with some of Apple’s newest additions in iOS 8, prominently HomeKit, make the services themselves more helpful, as well as convey Siri to the forefront meanwhile comes to voice assistant selection.

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