Do You Have Siri as Your Personal Assistant

Speech-recognition ‘personal assistant’ Siri on the iPhone 4S has become a value added and high demanding, not even a month after its release in early October, do you have Siri on your iPhone?
Basically, Siri is not an application or something that you can download via the App Store. Siri also does not have an icon like an application on the iPhone. For now Siri is only available on the iPhone 4S and some trials have also failed to run Siri on the iPhone 4.

1. Siri set up
Although Siri is already in the iPhone 4S but you need to do manual setup to make your name Siri understand the language you use.
Go to Settings>General>Siri. Open ‘My Info’ to select your name from the contacts list. Then select the language: US English, UK English, Australian English, French and German.

Do you have Siri
2. How to access Siri

If later on you will often use Siri from a certain distance, such as the iPhone on a table or dashboard of car, press and hold home button. Afterwards will appear two quick-tones and a microphone image on the iPhone screen, it means Siri hearing what you say or command. You do not need to bring iPhone to your face or your mouth because Siri has been able to hear what you saying. Instead, you can take the iPhone and put it to your ear like when you call. You will hear two quick-tones again which means that Siri is ready to listen to you.

3. How to use Siri

Generally you should able talking to Siri in normal sound and rhythm so that Siri can understand what you say. But that’s not all. For starters, make sure you pronounce the name correctly and clearly. Additionally you need to express a command line in a certain way in order to give good results. To support that all of you need the following:

– Internet connection
Note that Siri does not process speech input locally on the iPhone. Siri send commands via remote servers so you have to connect to Wi-Fi or 3G signal.

– Speak in detail
If you say something general like, ‘Launch iTunes’ then Siri will be confused by your speech. For that you have specifically changed it to ‘Play my playlist, Running songs, or similar sentence.

– Give the command in full in one sentence
When you command Siri to do something, like changing the schedule in Calendar, try giving the order was complete within one said. For example, ‘Change the appointment for Tuesday to 3 pm. This command will be more understandable than Siri when you say, “I want to change an appointment.”

– Say the name in full
If Siri does not recognize a name the first time you say then Siri will give you the option based on Contacts. Select the name that you mean and if you often say the name then Siri will understand what you choose and will not provide the option names for the same thing.

– Add ‘Relationships’
To add a word that shows family relations as ‘wife, dad and daughter, then give the command to the Siri, ‘Call my dad’. Siri will then ask who your father and you can select an option from Contacts. From that Siri will understand that the ‘dad’ did you mean to refer to one name from your Contact list.
Well, now you have to understand how to use and talking to Siri, the personal assistant. Do you have Siri? surely you must have an iPhone 4S.

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