Cool Things to Say to Siri Daily

The Siri iPhone application can be used to do a number of the things that you would do on iPhone, all free typing on the virtual keyboard or open a specific application. With Siri, all that you do is tap on the microphone icon and talk. Siri then interprets your voice and directly respond.

Here following are cool things to Say to Siri :

a. Find information
You can ask Siri questions, “What is the climate tomorrow?” Siri would then react by showing the climate forecast for your area. Thus, Siri can be used to turn upward anything that is available on the Internet, movie schedules, trivia answers, store telephone numbers, and much more.

what to ask to Siri
b. Create calendar events
The traditional thing to do would be to open the Calendar application on the iPhone and make another occasion with manual way. With Siri, you are basically ready to let it know a basic command to create a new calendar entry. You could say this to Siri, “I have a dentist arrangement on October 22nd at 3pm,” and Siri ought to make an entry for the arrangement on your calendar.

c. Play music
Since Siri interacts with a number of the applications on the iPhone, it is likewise ready to provide you with some control over the default iPod application for listening to music. Instead than searching for a specific song, you can tell Siri what to play and she will give you respond.

d. Get directions
You could ask Siri, “How would I drive from here to Langley Square Gardens in California?” Siri then direct you to the maps application and provide the reasonable driving directions to reach your destination.

e. Send a message
Siri works with messages and email both, so it can help you communicate something specific through either application, directing your message in a speech-to-text manner. Siri has so many cool things to say to Siri.

f. Make reservations
Do you want to make reservation to your favorite restaurant? Siri integrates with Open Table, so it’s conceivable to say something like, “Siri, reserve a table for two at The Indian Kitchen Lounge at 7pm tomorrow.”

g. Get suggestions
Even if what you say to Siri isn’t a specific command, it is still ready to comprehend natural language and surmise the information that you might want to gain. If you tell Siri that “I have wish watching an action movie tonight,” it can then look up showtimes in your place and even give you a chance to purchase the tickets right from the application. Siri has a number cool things to say to Siri.

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