There is an advance in iOS 9 features version of Siri that permits you to make more effective utilization of your iPhone. Not same as previous Siri that only permitted you to search online or within your gadget, when you need proactive assistant Siri in iOS 9 can be used. Siri not only able to answer your complex questions but also able to set reminders and suggest you applications that you will use.

When you turn on Siri on your iOS 9 gadget, its underlying screen shows example of commands that it can accept and the sorts of arrangements it can give. Siri likewise has another recommendations window to give you quick access to seeks perhaps you’ll need continuously.
Here following cool things to do with Siri by enable it as a proactive assistant on your iOS 9:

• Tap Settings from iPhone home screen.
• Tap General from the Settings window.
• From the General window, tap Siri.
• Once the Siri window opens up, slide the Siri button to the right.
• From the pop up box that appears at the bottom, tap Enable Siri.

Optionally to enable Siri with voice command, you can also slide the Allow “Hey Siri” button to the right and follow the on-screen instructions.

• Press the Home button.
• Back on the Home window, press down and hold the Home button until Siri initializes itself.
• When it first time in enabled Siri, read the displayed list of commands and solutions that Siri can provide you with.

To create a Reminder:

• Tap the microphone symbol at the bottom of the screen and speak the event for which you want Siri to remind you.
• Wait until Siri recognizes your voice command, creates the required reminder or takes the commanded action and confirms about its completion.
• Once done, press or long press the Home button to go to the Home screen or give another voice command to Siri respectively.

To access the Siri Suggestions window:

• On the first window of your iPhone’s Home screen, swipe your finger to the right.
• Tap inside the Search field available at the top.
• Start typing the object’s name or information that you want to know.
• From the suggestions displayed on the screen, tap the one that you wish to open.

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