Siri commenced the voice-enabled personal assistant trend, however Siri now has two major motivations to look behind her: Cortana for Windows Phone, which is more brilliant in some ways, and Google Now, which numerous Android users have come to adore.

What Does Siri Do

Apple’s Siri is a completely voiced assistant that has been accessible to iPhone users since the origin of the iPhone 4S, offering users the flexibility to make questions, set up arrangements and reminders, and connect with the cheeky advanced diva by setting up a nickname and more. There are numerous variables that go into picking a personal digital assistant, however the voice of the assistant is a major draw. On one hand, you have a conspicuous voice handling of Microsoft’s Cortana, yet Siri’s iconic speech is understood all through the world as being about synonymous with the iPhone. Coming up short moment acknowledgment, Google Now has become well known with the “OK, Google” promp that is used as a part of such a large amount of its promoting. Of the three contenders, Siri ostensibly separates itself the most, with adaptable voices that even permit you to choose a male voice when you dislike for the female one.


When iOS 8 released, Siri got the ability to be initiated by voice command when the phone is connected to a power source by saying “Hey, Siri.” Even though doesn’t have the flexibility that Android offers, it’s still incredible for hands-free usage in a vehicle or at home. Just hold down the home button on any iPhone touch that is compatible Siri, and the digital assistant will expeditiously request your information. This one-touch activation is extremely engaging.

You don’t have to enlighten Siri much concerning yourself. When you initiate the digital assistant, a black screen will be decorated with a wavy white line along the base and white text that reads, “What can I help you with?” in the center of the screen. A small question-mark icon sits on the base left corner. Whenever tapped, it raises an assortment of suggestions for how to use Siri.

Whenever you don’t speak your request, or you say it too softly, Siri will request to repeat yourself. To do that, in any case, you should tap the microphone icon on the bottom center of the screen. Results showed up rapidly and were regularly clear, notwithstanding requesting for clarification as to which contact you needed or to affirm that Siri had the data for a reminder right. Siri made it easier to use in all way, that is what does Siri do.

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