In spite of the fact that Siri, the digital voice assistant incorporated with Apple’s iPhones and iPads, is clearly not human, despite everything Siri makes an extraordinary job of presenting some advice and attitude when given inquiries and commands by clients of iOS devices. She may even have the capacity to do likewise for Mac clients, if that it’s real that OS X 10.12 could at convey Siri to the Mac.

While talking with Siri consistently evokes some unexpected humor,thanks to Siri restrictions and misunderstandings, the writers behind the voice assistant add lot of diversion reason, as well. Siri’s enchanting responses to questions like “do you love me?” enliven, as well as help us to be all the more sympathetic when she occasionally misjudges a command or neglects to give a valuable reaction to a sincere question. Furthermore, once in a while, when Siri unable to answer an inquiry, once in a while compensate for Siri absence of support with diversion.

Here following best 10 Siri funny responses :

1. Testing, testing.
Siri answers, “I can hear you.”

2. How do I look?
Siri funny responses, “On a scale of 1 to 10, I’ll bet you’re a 42,” and “Well, if I need to guess, I’d say you look ohsam.”

3. What are you doing later?
Siri says, “I’m working on some pickup lines.”

4. Are you on Facebook?
Siri frankly answering, “No, I don’t have a face to put on it.” Or she replies, “I’m not on it myself, but you can ask me to post your status.”

5. Are you serious?
Siri funny response to this query is, “Yes. I’m not allowed to be frivolous” and the answer, “I’m always serious.”

6. Are you stupid?
Siri funny response, “I couldn’t even begin to think about knowing how to answer that question.”

7. Where did I put my keys?
Siri is not too much helpful in actually finding your keys, but she funny response, “Didn’t you just have them?”

8. Why did the chicken cross the road?
Siri funny response, “I am not perspicacious about the peregrinations of poultry.”

9. Where is Elvis Presley?
Siri answers, “He’s down at the end of Lonely Street,” or “He’s not dead. He just went home.”

10. Are you her?
This is a great question to ask Siri if you’ve watched Spike Jonze’s Her. Siri funy response to this question, “No. She is an anecdotal construct, though I am a virtual entity. Be that as it may, we can still be companions,” or “I’m perplexed not. Be that as it may, she would never know you superior to anything I do.”

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