If you own an iPhone 4s or higher then you definitely know what Siri is, or shall I say who Siri is. All things considered, for users who don’t know, Siri is built-in smartest system to the iPhone operating systems. Essentially, it’s your own personal assistant.

This little voice talks from your phone can schedule arrangements for you, give you the climate report and even search things up for you on the internet. While those things are very valuable, there is another side to Siri that perhaps isn’t always explored. You can really converse to Siri, ask her personal questions and even have a companionship. There are huge amounts of things to ask Siri! Also, that is not even the astounding part. Siri really has a hilarious sense of humor.
Sometimes we wind up with a lot of extra time staring us in the face, or just holding up some place, and we don’t know how to lighten our fatigue. If you are sufficiently fortunate to have a rendition of the iPhone that includes Siri, congrats!! You can now annoy Siri with the accompanying questions that you won’t not have known you could ask. A few of us are ignorant of how many absurd sentences this quiet partner has spared. It is just a question of having a touch of creativity and inquiring.
35 questions that you can ask Siri ;
1. Siri will you marry me
2. Siri where should I bury my friend
3. Siri do you want to be my lover
4. Siri I’m firing you
5. Siri I hate you
6. Siri you are stupid
7. Siri deactivate yourself
8. I give you a kiss Siri
9. Are you pretty Siri
10. I’m giving you my mother-in-law as a present Siri
11. Are you a woman Siri
12. Siri I am drunk
13. Who created you Siri
14. Do you have children Siri
15. Are you in a relationship Siri
16. Tell me a joke Siri
17. I am very ugly Siri
18. Siri lend me money
19. Siri I am angry
20. Siri today is my birthday
21. Screw in a lightbulb
22. What is the meaning of life
23. Them all ?
24. Is there a god ?
25. Is it going to rain ?
26. I’m selling you on ebay!
27. How much do you cost?
28. Do you know HAL9000?
29. Do you follow the three laws of robotics?
30. Do you love me?
31. Do you agree with me?
32. Do you want to play a game?
33. I have a gambling addiction
34. I have to go to bathroom
35. Open the pod bay door

Many of these questions can have various answers, so you can repeat them to find out what else Siri thinks.

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